Mag O Grip & Stand

Just 2.8mm - mount it anywhere

Attach to any metal or magnetic surface,like refridge,car mount,gyp equipment and wallet, that’s really cool.


Keep MagSafe Technology

Currently, you’ll never have to take it off your phone to wirelessly charge or use any other Magsafe accessories.

Smooth and Fun Rotation

With Mag O, your iPhone can rotate a full 360°,ensuring the perfect angle for capturing moments or enjoying content,solved the problem of limited rotation options on traditional phone grips.

2 Style Grip

Worried about accidental drops? Split it and shelve it,minimizes the risk of drops, providing a secure hold for all your adventures ,perfect for vlogging, streaming, or capturing life’s moments on the go.

The World's 1st Ultra-Thin

Most phone grip and stand in the market tend to be bulky, no support wirelessly charge, and not easy to carry. With Mag O ,you won’t even feel it on your hands and in your packets. you only need 1 second to use.


View for Your Content & Your Way

That’s it, No falling, no fidgeting, It just works so well.Fold it in your hands and take it anywhere. it provides hands-free convenience with adjustable portrait and landscape modes. 


* Invisible| Ultra thin | 360 °rotation| Stable Stand | Comfy grip | Strong magnetic | Customization|For all phones
* no need take it off your phone to wirelessly | for all phones
* Within 30 days after receiving the goods, consumers can choose to return, exchange or repair. When returning the goods, we shall refund the price of the goods at the invoice price.(not include shipping fees).

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No. you’ll never have to take Mag O off your phoe to wirelessly charge or use any other MagSafe accessories .

Yes, This is the outstanding feature of this product that there is no need to remove it for stable charging.
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